Credit Card Order Lines

In the UK, online spend now totals almost £40bn. If your business needs a scalable, robust and reliable credit card order line service - especially as consumers now demand sales lines be open at their convenience - Confero can offer blue-chip organisations, SMEs and start-ups a streamlined solution.

Increase Sales & Decrease Processing Time

Confero's inbound credit card order line service is designed for both e-tail only businesses or for those who have a retail or catalogue business with an online e-tail arm. Any organisation that processes credit card or debit card orders for their products or services, can take advantage of our service.

With the ability to deal effortlessly with 'single product, single price' campaigns through to 'multiple product, multiple price' websites or catalogues, Confero's specialist e-tailer team of highly trained and customer-focused agents all have first-class data entry skills that ensures every order is processed and handled with efficiency and accuracy.

We recognise how hard businesses work to look after their brands and what they stand for, and Confero have a proven track record of making sure our live agents both protect and respect multiple blue-chip and leading SME brands.

Key Benefits Of Outsourcing

The benefits of outsourcing your credit and debit card order lines to Confero are clear -

  • A highly trained specialist e-tailer team to handle your calls 7 days a week
  • Your customers benefit from vastly improved accessibility to your products and services, leading to increased sales
  • Your customers have the reassurance of being able to get through first time, every time, reducing the risk of abandoned transactions
  • Confero's trained customer service agents have in-depth product knowledge so you benefit from cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Confero will ensure you never miss a sales opportunity - particularly out of hours, during seasonal peaks in demand or during a promotional campaign

Fully Integrated With Your Systems

Confero will integrate and access your website or CRM system, to provide live customer information to agents and callers. This aids the team in the following areas:

  • Order taking - including amendments, up sells, cancellations
  • Track and trace - for delivery queries
  • Refunds and returns
  • General enquiries and FAQ's

As with every service Confero offers, we give our clients options that best suit their business needs. Our standard credit card order lines operate seven days a week until 9pm, or for an additional small premium, we provide a full 24/7 option, meaning you will never again miss a sale.

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