"By outsourcing, Accurist could focus on marketing whilst Confero handled customer telephone and email interactions."

Who are Accurist?

Formed in 1946 in Clerkenwell, Accurist are one of the UKs most enduring watch brands who successfully introduced a fashion element into watch purchasing.

Accurist and Confero

Accurist came to Confero on the back of a fresh new redesign of their brand. Since 1946 they have been focused on wholesaling and manufacturing but wanted to enter the online retail space with a collection of specialist watches.

They created a new website and promoted their watch ranges online and in offline media. To sell the new, limited edition ranges, they needed an inbound call centre team capable of handling credit card orders and customer services as well as being experienced enough to pick up and respond to subtle customer ‘buying signals’ and being able to lead a prospect through the purchase journey and convert enquiries into sales.

The watches cost between £99 and £300.

The Confero Solution

Our specialist bureau inbound team met with Accurists’s management who comprehensively trained our staff on the ethos of the business, how to best represent the Accurist brand as well as the features and benefits of the range of watches. The Accurist management team were happy with Confero’s experience and expertise and the lines were set up to operate seven days a week.

Confero’s team was mobilised to coincide with Accurist’s complementary online and offline advertising campaign and started to take calls from launch.


Accurist achieved their objective by selling out of each limited edition range of watches, with Confero’s online retail bureau team taking tens of thousands of pounds in credit card orders.