By outsourcing your Customer Services department to Confero, we can offer your business - and indeed your customers - a professional, expert-level and bespoke ‘turnkey’ customer services operation designed for your business and your business only.

We have a proven record working with Startups, SME and Blue Chip businesses, that stands up to even the most rigorous and detailed of briefs and we will consistently deliver what you and your customers need on time and to budget.

Reasons to Outsource Customer Services

Effective and responsive customer services is vital to businesses of all sizes and there are a number of reasons why outsourcing makes sound business sense, including -

  • Your current operation is draining resources and shifting your focus away from core business
  • Your business is growing and your current set-up does not have the capacity to handle the additional workload
  • You require a professionally trained outsourcer to deal with your customers needs

What We Do

Confero can take on all of your customer services requirements and work with you to implement systems and processes that will streamline your operation and give you the confidence to drive your business forward, including -

  • Working with your CRM systems and Customer Portals
  • Account look-ups
  • Order, delivery and returns status
  • Email response
  • Helplines and Product Recall, dealing with the myriad of issues faced by customers
  • Fast responses to unforeseen trends and call volume surges

Our confidence in being able to provide a comprehensive customer services operation is based on the fact that we spend time and effort learning about your business, your products and services and most importantly, your customers. We are an extension of your business and callers can be safe in the knowledge they are speaking to agents that are representing your company, its culture and its brand values.

We can address the specific concerns of your customers in a polite and friendly way, but also use our skills, where appropriate, to up-sell and cross-sell your products and services.

By both understanding our clients' businesses and developing a clear insight into the issues that face their customers, Confero quickly becomes well placed to take on an entire customer services operation.