Deciding on which service will suit your particular business needs depends on the volume of customer calls (both inbound and outbound), emails or live chat interactions required. The service type also largely dependent on the duration of each of these 'interactions', the operating hours, the blend of inbound to outbound requirements and the level of expertise required to complete each enquiry we receive.

Bureau (Shared Desk) Service

As the name suggests, this is a 'shared desk' resource meaning that our agents work across a number of client accounts and answer your inbound calls and emails as and when they are received. This service is suited to those who want to present Confero with all of their customer service interactions, or just overflow, out of hours or weekend calls.

Each of our Bureau agents will be trained in handling your customer enquiries, either by Confero's training department, or in conjunction with the client. They would become fully conversant in understanding what core messages each individual business needs to get across to its customers.

In addition, where clients are able to forecast inbound call volumes, our Bureau service has the potential to handle 1000's of calls per day. Your account manager will advise which of our services, Bureau or Dedicated, is most suited to your requirements.

Our pricing structure for the Bureau service is on a 'per second' basis, so effectively you are only charged when we are responding to a call from one of your own customers.

“Also I would like to congratulate you on your excellent quality of emails ... your email and telephone contacts are really accurate in terms of information.” - Director of one of our online retail clients

Dedicated Service

A Dedicated service is exactly that; a full-service operation dedicated to handling customer interactions on behalf of one single client.

A Dedicated service can include some or all of Confero's services - including inbound call handling, outbound telemarketing / telesales, email response, web chat or fulfillment. Our agents are comprehensively schooled in your business' activities and respond professionally and efficiently to all eventualities. In addition, they can be trained to interact with external client systems. These agents are often considered by both our blue-chip and SME clients to be the primary public face - or voice - of your business.