Using profiled and targeted data lists of specific companies or market sectors that have a real need for your products or services, Confero's experienced outbound teams will call your potential customers to make qualified appointments for your sales teams.

In addition, we ensure that all contact and background details have been captured and that the appointment has been confirmed with the decision-maker by email or letter.

The Confero Service

Confero's comprehensive appointment setting service includes -

  • Arranging face-to-face and telephone appointments
  • Identifying the most appropriate decision maker to speak to and capturing their contact details. e.g., if you sell office supplies, you won't need to speak to the MD
  • Presenting your service or products in a benefit-led way to the decision-maker with the objective of securing a qualified appointment
  • Logging the details of calls made together with any additional useful information. This will be recorded and sent across to you in an agreed report format daily or at pre-agreed periods
  • The information we gather becomes detailed and relevant market intelligence which is your property and can be used in any future marketing activity

Increase Your Productivity and Profitability

Put simply, a robust and coherent appointment setting strategy allows your sales team to spend more time in front of potential clients closing deals and less time in the office on paperwork. Productivity increases and profitability increases.