An efficient helpline utilising well-trained and experienced agents will effortlessly handle queries such as 'I can't get my product to work'; 'I've received a letter from you but I don't understand it'; 'can you please help me fill in the form you sent me' and a multitude of other questions and issues.

Simplified Process

Confero's UK-based inbound call centre helplines are simple to set up both from a usability and a customer service standpoint.

Confero can supply a non-geographic 0800/0333 telephone number for you to publish on your website, marketing material and stationery. When a consumer dials the number, the call is routed to our call centre based in Wembley, north London and answered in your company or specific campaign name.

Skilled Agents

Both our Bureau (shared desk) and Dedicated agents receive comprehensive product training and have access to your corporate FAQs and knowledge databases. They become familiar with the nuances and features of each product and on a more fundamental level, this gives them the greatest chance of providing a successful resolution to each query they receive.

Helplines benefit businesses (and consumers) regardless of industry sector but we know that in some industries, especially but not exclusively medical and financial, callers can quickly become distressed or worried. Our agents are trained to act in a calm manner with consideration and tact with the singular goal of issue resolution.

At the conclusion of each call, the consumer can be given a reference number for future communication and calls are logged and recorded for client feedback.