It is clear that the sector needs to listen more to its donors in order to fully understand their experiences of fundraising and communications strategies.

Confero are unique in that we have the infrastructure and experience to undertake independent and impartial donor satisfactions surveys over the telephone. Surveys can be conducted to donors who have been contacted across multiple channels including, but not limited to; telephone, face to face, door to door, direct mail, online and email.

We provide both statistical and anecdotal feedback that will give you a full and accurate representation of your donors’ experience. This information can then be used to tailor your future communications with your donors in order to be more relevant, appropriate and ultimately to enhance the donor journey.

Collaboration with the Sector

For the first time and to promote and encourage transparency across the sector, we are giving the industry the opportunity to measure and benchmark donor satisfaction, across a multitude of channels, with a thorough, insightful service.

We will carry out donor satisfaction surveys on behalf of individual organisations, but, in agreement with our clients, also share these results (anonymously) with industry regulators and bodies (such as the Commission for the Donor Experience).

By working with our clients and industry bodies we want to play a key role in improving donor satisfaction, loyalty and trust for the benefit of the whole of the not-for-profit sector.

There are many benefits from conducting donor satisfaction surveys including

  • Non-financial communication – Speaking to and listening to your donors shows them that you value not only their contributions, but also their opinion. We will always thank donors on these calls for their interest and/or contributions, which will help to increase donor loyalty and improve attrition
  • Creative and branding – Donors can give you their feedback on a broad range of areas including; how they perceive creative messages, images used in printed materials, impact of the campaign, brand awareness
  • Standards and best practice – Our callers can collate feedback on the donor experience specifically relating to the method of communication (eg telephone, face to face, DRTV appeal). For example, questions can be asked directly about the experience and whether or not the donor felt under pressure to donate
  • Statistical reporting and analysis – we can provide bespoke reporting of your surveys, across multiple streams if required

Future Planning

It is the donor experience that matters most and their opinions, thoughts and feelings should be listened to, considered and acted upon. We will work with you to create bespoke surveys and provide you with the resource to outreach to a cross-section of your donors for one or many of your channels. This can then feed directly into future planning and the communication strategies of your fundraising and creative teams/partners.