Core Business Benefits

Confero's outbound call centre services - including telemarketing, investor relations, appointment setting, market research, and reactivation - allow you to focus on the present while Confero's highly skilled and experienced agents strive to:

  • Maximise your business's Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Help to grow your client base and brand awareness
  • Reach out to your existing customers or clients
  • Promote new product and services launches
  • Follow up mail shots and targeted marketing campaigns


The success of any campaign can be measured by results, and you need a company that can understand your brief and deliver through industry knowledge, management expertise and by using skilled and professional telemarketers across every campaign we work on. Confero will help you achieve these results.

Our agents will know about your products and services and they will be coached to promote and deliver the agreed brief. They will know exactly what you aim to achieve and together with ongoing and open dialogue we will maximise both your Return on Investment and the potential of your business.