Loyalty Retention

Our emergency crisis management facility can be operational within hours offering live call centre support to customers with defective products and in collaboration with the client, responding to national media coverage.

The fundamental goal is to retain your customers' loyalties by imparting the information they need at a time convenient to them.

Our service includes both domestic and international product recalls and our experience covers industries such as FMCG, medical, technological and children's products. Dependent on your product, we can advise you of the best method of initiating such a recall.

Implementing the recall strategy

As soon as you're aware you need to start a recall, Confero can commence the implementation of the recall strategy. We will -

  • Request an initial brief to include the affected product, the reason for the recall, any detrimental effects to your customers, instructions regarding return/disposal of the defective product and a comprehensive FAQ to help our agent teams deal quickly with questions
  • Set up a unique 0800/0333 number
  • Agree the agent team type (Bureau or Dedicated)
  • Agree a start date and time
  • Train the helpline team
  • Provide continual feedback and clear reporting lines back to the client
  • Keep lines open until call numbers start to drop off, at which point we can re-route calls back to the client's office or call centre


If your recall strategy includes refunding money or replacing faulty goods, Confero offers a full-service fulfilment service where we can send out replacements and, with access to your CRM database, make sure we can validate customer claims and record every transaction, both financial and otherwise.