Supporting Our Clients During The Coronavirus Crisis

During the Coronavirus crisis, Confero is proud to be able to continue suppporting our customers by delivering all services including inbound telephony response, email handling, helplines, retail order lines and emergency and crisis support.


Bespoke, Flexible Inbound and Outbound Call Centre Services

Confero helps your business to deliver real and lasting value to your clients and customers through a tailored, comprehensive call centre service. We will provide expertise, we will increase your bottom line and our highly-trained, motivated agent teams will be available to your customers, suppliers and stakeholders around the clock.

First-Class Staff

The Best Call Centre Staff in the Business

Our staff love working for us and for you, which is why we have such a low attrition rate. You wouldn’t employ staff who do half a job and leave your customers wondering why they deal with you and nor would we. We train them to exacting standards and they deliver for you, every time.

Open 24/7

We’re Awake When You’re Asleep

Today’s round-the-clock businesses need a round-the-clock call centre who appreciate the on-going need for a 24/7 service. While you’re tucked up in bed, our agents are busy handling calls and ensuring your business is working, even while you’re not.


We Understand Regulated Businesses

Our FCA authorised status, DMA membership and comprehensive GDPR compliance in line with ICO standards, ensures our client's data and financial information can be safely processed.

As a Top 20 UK call centre business since 2002, Confero has the depth of experience to offer you a comprehensive range of options, each one designed to add real-time value to your business’s service offering, including -

By outsourcing your customer service and call handling strategy to Confero, the benefits to your organisation are immediate as we take care of your customers and give you the freedom to focus your attention on your profitability.

For more information about our Bureau agents (a shared desk facility), our Dedicated agents (used to handle customer interactions for a single client) and our Telemarketing services, please follow this call centre services link.

We will -

  • work with you to grow your business by generating leads, increasing sales, growing awareness and delivering customer services that your customers can rely on

  • reduce your staff needs and costs as well as increase profits with a flexible approach

  • reduce your capital outlay on equipment, technology, space and utilities

  • quickly react and respond to mid-project changes in your brief

  • use sophisticated technology, including advanced call scripting

  • be available to your customers 24 hours a day, in response to today’s adaptive lifestyles

  • only ever use highly-trained, knowledgeable and experienced call centre staff you can rely on to get your key messages across

We’re based in Colindale, North West London. Since 2001 we have been offering clients of all sizes and complexities bespoke, specialist inbound and outbound call centre solutions that have consistently driven up sales, increased awareness, solved a host of issues and managed the most sensitive of crisis situations.

To read more about the positive effect we’ve had on our clients’ businesses, read our case studies.