In addition, being approximately 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport with easy passage throughout Europe and the rest of the world, it’s easy for our international clients to visit us quickly and efficiently.

Confero offers inbound call centre staff for clients who need to communicate in English and a foreign language to service their own customers around the world.

  • European languages include: Danish, Swedish, French, German, Finnish, Polish, Spanish & others
  • International languages include: Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese & numerous Indian dialects

We staff your inbound call centre campaign with natural (‘mother tongue’) speakers and in cases of campaigns with small or occasional call volumes, we offer a translation service via three-way calling.

Full Multi-Lingual Call Centre Services

Every one of the call centre services Confero offers can be offered in a foreign language and the benefits to your business include being able to open your doors to international trade without the need for a physical presence in each geographical location.

Campaigns are managed using the same quality control, monitoring, SLAs, processes and attention to detail we deploy to each client and the expertise we have is applied throughout each multi-lingual team.

All our multi-lingual teams are minimum bi-lingual (mother tongue and English) although many of the operatives on our roster speak 2-3 languages fluently. In addition, our Team Managers are able to converse with international clients in their own language.