"By outsourcing to Confero, Fitbug’s customers enjoyed stress-free customer service and the business grew quickly into a leading SME."

Who are Fitbug?

Fitbug is an online personal health and wellbeing business who helped over 200,000 people improve their lives since launching in 2005.

Fitbug and Confero

Fitbug approached Confero to help launch their virtual health and wellbeing product into the market using a mixture of PR, tube advertising and an innovative and exciting promotions campaign in London’s West End. Fitbug were the first company in the UK to offer a virtual personal health and well-being coach using a pedometer.

Due to such a high-profile campaign, inbound calls were expected immediately and Fitbug needed the backup of a professional and experienced inbound customer service team to effectively and efficiently manage and respond to their prospective customers.

The Confero Solution

After meeting with Fitbug’s management to determine what they needed in terms of customer service and interaction, the inbound bureau team was deemed the ideal solution.

Fitbug delivered comprehensive training sessions to Confero’s inbound team, explaining the products, the ethos of the business and how to best represent the Fitbug brand.

Through regular meetings and consultation with Fitbug’s PR and management team in the early stages, Confero quickly ascertained the appropriate number of call handling staff and could start to sign up new Fitbug clients immediately.

Front and back end modules were added to the bespoke Fitbug interface to aid with the efficiency of the call centre. This allowed Confero to quickly and accurately check all aspects of the customer servicing process including account and delivery status, credit card orders, technical support and the email helpdesk.


Confero managed a 24/7 call handling facility taking calls from both the UK and the USA as well as from corporate clients such as O2, Channel 4, Ford and Pru Health. Due to the success of the inbound bureau team, Confero and Fitbug enjoyed a close working partnership that enabled Fitbug to focus on core business, while Confero continued to handle their customer service desk.

By working with Confero, Fitbug’s customers enjoyed stress-free customer service that has helped them develop into the UKs leading business of its kind with over 100,000 clients.