"By being able to react quickly, Confero helped to position HomeSun as the UKs biggest provider of free solar panels within six months."

Who are HomeSun?

HomeSun became the UKs biggest suppliers of free solar panels to residential properties. They wanted to deliver real value to their customers and use innovative business models to play a practical part in making ‘green’ work.

HomeSun and Confero

HomeSun were a new company in the green and renewable energy industry sector and offered residential property owners free solar panels in return for a percentage of the Government-backed Feed-In-Tariffs. They needed a call centre partner to handle customer enquiries while they focussed their attention on marketing, PR and mobilising an active sales force around the UK.

After researching the call centre market, HomeSun chose Confero and were so impressed, they incorporated Confero’s services into their business plan and together developed processes and workflows around the customer experience.

The Confero Solution

After a once in a lifetime opportunity for a new business – an appearance on the front page of the Daily Express promoting ‘free electricity’ – Confero’s initial small team was tripled within 16 hours of the newspaper appearing on the stands and was then increased to 30 in the following 24 hours. HomeSun had the peace of mind knowing that Confero were perfectly placed to react quickly, provide flexibility and to mobilise staff to ensure HomeSun didn’t lose any sales leads.

Confero agent team took general enquiries, qualified each potential new customer to verify the eligibility of each roof and liaised with surveyors going on site.


One the first day, Confero took 4,500 calls and in the first week, that number grew to 15,000. By being able to react as quickly and efficiently as we did, HomeSun manoeuvred the business into pole position to become the UK’s biggest provider of free solar panels to residential properties. Within six months, HomeSun were advertising in a broad range of press, broadcast and online and offline media and Confero continued to handle all enquiries from the public.