Crisis Management

How your business copes with a crisis, including customer helplines and product recalls, can quite literally be the difference between ongoing success and failure.

By very definition, you won’t know a crisis is looming until it actually happens but when it does, your business needs to be geared up and ready to act.

Confero’s crisis management team comprises trained, experienced agents who have the ability and flexibility to mobilise very quickly and start taking calls from customers within hours of notification.

Crisis Management Case Studies

Our background encompasses a significant range of crisis management situations, from administration and liquidation helplines for creditors and employees, to bacterial infections in a mouthwash manufacturing plant, glass shards discovered in bottles of beer, children endangered by access to drinkable chemical substances and incorrect ratings of fire resistant building materials.

For example:

Confero fielded 65,000 calls in two days (and 110,000 in total) from customers of a major UK retailer for whom accounting giant KPMG were appointed as administrators. Please read the case study here.

Confero mobilised a team of 10 dedicated crisis management helpline agents, all trained on Winchester City Council’s online systems and fielded 7,500 calls in four weeks. Please read the case study here.

By offering live call centre support from trained, experienced agents, the short-term aim is to placate your customers and clients, give them the information they need and resolve the issue at hand but the long-term aim is to retain customer and brand loyalty.

We will stay in regular content with you and Confero’s management team can work alongside or in an advisory capacity with your own PR & Communications team to both understand the media implications and to attempt to maintain a coherent response strategy.

Implementing a Product Recall Strategy

As soon as you're aware you need to start a recall, Confero can commence the implementation of the recall strategy. We will:

  • Request an initial brief to include the affected product, the reason for the recall, any detrimental effects to your customers, instructions regarding return/disposal of the defective product and a comprehensive FAQ to help our agent teams deal quickly with questions
  • Set up a unique 0800/0333 number
  • Agree the number of agents
  • Agree a start date and time
  • Train the crisis management team
  • Provide continual feedback and clear reporting lines back to the client
  • Keep lines open until call numbers start to drop off, at which point we can re-route calls back to the client's office or call centre 

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  • Within three days, Confero mobilised a 10-strong team of fully-trained inbound Crisis Management helpline agents and in four weeks took 7,500 calls.

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