Brochure Lines

Your marketing material - brochures, handbooks, information packs or application forms - is expensive to produce and is designed to do one thing - increase sales of your products or services.

Whether it's for a new product launch, a marketing drive or a need to cost-effectively outsource your call-handling, Confero's trained agents will respond to your customer's requests for information in a timeframe that suits you - with turnaround times in as little as 24 hours. We also capture relevant information for use in future marketing activity.

Outsourcing the fulfilment - packaging and mailing - of your brochure requests will give your business a professional and scalable service staffed by highly-trained and experienced Live Agents or by using sophisticated voice recognition software.

Live Agents

In a live agent scenario, the typical process for handling brochure requests is outlined below.

  • The inbound call is answered politely and professionally by one of our live agents
  • The customer's details and the nature of their enquiry are recorded
  • All information is then captured by Confero's state-of-the-art CRM systems
  • A detailed report is sent to the client daily or weekly so they can distribute the requested material
  • If fulfilment is required, Confero's in-house fulfilment team will personalise and send out the requested marketing collateral according to a pre-agreed timeframe and protocol.

Speech Recognition

An alternative to live call handling - where high volumes of brochure request calls may be received - is Speech Recognition.

If you're using Confero's live agents and realising that call volumes are quickly increasing, or you know in advance you're likely to get a high number of requests, it may be advisable to utilise speech recognition instead of live agents to capture caller details.

Rather than you inbound calls being answered by a live agent, they are routed to a sophisticated automated data capture line. The speech recognition software then prompts the caller to leave their personal details and those of the brochure, handbook or application form they require.

As with the live agent service, the information is then collated and sent to the client daily or weekly for distribution. If fulfilment is required by the client, we have an experienced in-house fulfilment team who will pack, personalise and send out your material according to a pre-agreed timeframe and protocol.

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