About Us

Call Centre Services for Forward-Thinking Businesses

The vision of Confero’s founders David Freedman and Daniel Sassoon was deceptively simple. They wanted to develop a mid-size 100 seat call centre model, close to major cities.

Each centre would offer comprehensive and bespoke call centre solutions including inbound call handling, outbound telesales, telemarketing and sector-specific services. As a result of this, Confero would add value to all types of businesses by giving the opportunity for real improvements in customer service, real increases in sales, real increases in profitability and real increases in productivity – allowing ROI to be measured in real terms.

Our headquarters are based in a strategically important central location in the shadow of Wembley Stadium in north-west London. Being surrounded by shops, bars, restaurants and superb transport links enables us to attract and retain a very high calibre of staff. Because of this, our clients get the continuity they want thanks to low attrition rates. Confero’s offices are exceptionally well-appointed and not a warehouse-style space, where staff loyalty and commitment has become second nature.

Great Clients, Great Staff and Great Service

Our clients range from fast growing SMEs to global brands like Audi, KPMG, Tesco and Yahoo! Our service combines high quality and knowledgeable agent teams, unprecedented flexibility to up or downscale campaigns and a commitment to exceed client expectations on every project we undertake. It’s not rocket science but it works, every time.

Our 'raison d'être' is centred on the quality of the service we offer you. We're responsible for ensuring our agents understand your business and have an appreciation of your brand and values.

This way, we effectively become a fully-trained outsourced department of your business and as such, we offer your customers continuity and a knowledgeable, concise response. Our agents don’t simply read generic scripts; we immerse them in your corporate mind-set so they know not only what to say, but perhaps more importantly how to say it.

We Work for YOU

The whole way through the process, our approach is both consultative and collaborative. We will understand your brief, make the most appropriate recommendations to you as to the best way to achieve your specific goals and then deliver on our promises to give you a positive and lasting return on your investment.

From the management team down, Confero are committed to growing your business through the provision of class-leading call and contact centre services.