Confero are one of a very small number of UK call centres authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

This status allows us to deal with quotations and sales for a number of financial products, including insurances.

You can read more about our FCA (formerly FSA) status here.                                         

The types of insurance products we deal with on behalf of clients include:

Home • Car • Personal • Gadgets • Bikes • Mobile Phones/Tablets • Lost Keys • Warranties

Working in a non-advisory capacity, we use our clients’ online systems to:

  • Compile application forms
  • Gather the required data
  • Provide insurance quotations
  • Complete sales
  • Take payment
  • Set up Direct Debits

In addition to our inbound call centre services, we also offer outbound insurance sales where we can:

  • Upsell new insurance policies
  • Cross-sell additional insurance policies
  • Reignite lapsed or dormant customers
  • Offer quotes when customers are coming up for renewals

Insurance Claims Management Process

For most, making an insurance claim is fraught with uncertainty. By using Confero’s highly trained and experienced inbound call centre agents, for every call received, we will ascertain your clients’ policy information, access your database and determine the validity of the claim as well as checking entitlements such as replacements, legal cover or courtesy car.


Passporting allows FCA authorised businesses in the UK to carry out their permitted activities tor residents of other EEA (European Economic Area) Member States.

Confero is eligible (under the Insurance Mediation Outward Service) to carry on business in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Ireland.

For more information on Passporting, please click here.

Call Centre Travel Insurance Services

Confero can provide sales and quotation lines as well as offering complementary services such as selling flights, hotels and packages adding tremendous value to both the customer and our clients.

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