Speech recognition

Using the latest technology, our Speech Recognition solution captures caller details, which are then automatically converted to data, ready for processing and fulfilment.

No live agent intervention is required; so call handling costs are dramatically reduced. This service can be typically used for services such as Brochure Lines and Nearest Dealer.

Confero offers significant cost savings when integrated with live agents. With our Speech Recognition system, average call length is decreased as customers speak naturally to receive the information they need. Advanced Speech Recognition also diminishes toll costs and hold times. With our system agents can be reserved for your complex calls, resulting in reduced labour costs and increased agent productivity. With Speech Recognition solution you can extend your reach, enrich customer experience and reduce your cost.

Confero Data Capture Solutions

  • Brochure Request Service
  • Nearest Dealer Locator Service
  • Order line


  • Reduction in operational cost per customer contact
  • No call queuing
  • Agent focus on high value core business
  • Outsourced service for high volume, low quality activity

Talking Sense

Countless call centre minutes are tied up capturing or transcribing standard, repetitive information from callers. Campaign response may require little more than a customer’s name and address, relevant media code and perhaps one or two additional product or service related details.

Confero Solution

Using the latest in speech recognition technology, high volume, low value, commoditised customer activity can now be channelled more appropriately. Confero’s solution allows businesses to deploy self-service applications to positively improve customer service and cut operational costs with minimum investment.

Confero’s speech recognition solution is ideal for companies who need to reduce the cost of large volume customer requests, while maintaining a high standard of customer service and experience.

Speech Recognition Solution

Success Stories

The BBC, Littlewoods Betdirect, Hemscott, Tote and Morgan Cole, one of the UK’s top tier law firms are just some of the clients who enjoy great success using the speech recognition platform at the heart of Confero’s data capture solution.

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