Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

An automated system offering a multitude of intelligent call distribution options to businesses. Confero's clients use the service to capture caller details, provide recorded information, direct calls to specified departments or offices, for competition lines and to provide confidential medical results.

Both simple and advanced IVR systems (press 1 / 2 / 3) can be offered, enabling organisations to communicate effectively with customers, in situations where live agents may not be appropriate.

In certain instances, IVR can be extremely cost effective and can efficiently handle higher volumes of peaky calls than live agents.

How it works

Incoming calls are routed into Confero's intelligent IVR system. The system is built as a bespoke application based on the client parameters, and guides callers through a series of 'push button' menus.

IVR is extremely flexible in design, and if required, all calls can be recorded for quality and monitoring purposes. If a customer has completed their path through the IVR experience and requires contact with a live customer service agent, the system can connect the caller directly with the most appropriate department. The system can be fully integrated with client databases and configurable for customer support.

Examples of usage

  • Capture names / address / telephone numbers - brochure lines / ticket lines
  • Provide detailed information - product information / financial information
  • Credit card orders - promote products and capture payment details
  • PCI compliance - to enable secure processing and storage of credit card details
  • Medical results lines - enter passwords to receive confidential information
  • Route customer calls by pushing 1 / 2 / 3 on the telephone keypad - switchboard system

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