Advanced Rota System

Confero's award-winning Advanced Rota System gives each client a tailored management system that allows them to track and manage all their callout personnel. It is web-based and benefits both Confero and our clients, because it allows both end users to share live access to one system with updates in real time.

The secure, password-protected system can store all pertinent information including names, contact numbers, visibility of on-call staff and management, rota assignments, first-line back up and area managers and allows our clients to update and view their own rotas at anytime of the day or night.

Because the system updates information immediately with no time-delay, you can be sure that there will be no crossovers, double-bookings or missed opportunities.

CallScripter Award

Daniel proudly received the Award at an industry lunch held at Gaucho City's private dining rooms, formerly the Bank of England's gold vault.