Overflow / Out of Hours

Thanks to round-the-clock communications, more and more businesses have the ability to trade 24/7 or to trade outside of their own country. As such, they need to be available 24 hours a day for customers, clients, suppliers or investors.

Confero's overflow and out of hours service perfectly compliments a wide range of industry sectors who rely on being permanently available to their customers or clients -

  • Emergency Callouts
  • Facilities Managers
  • Pest Control
  • IT Support
  • Insurance
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Doctors & Vets
  • Security Services
  • Legal Services

Increased Business Flexibility

Supplementing your own inbound call and contact centre facilities, Confero's overflow and out-of-hours inbound call centre services offer your business unprecedented flexibility to trade day and night, without working day and night.

By offering extended hours of operation and an increased yet cost-effective call capacity, your service offering is enhanced and your business will benefit from increased sales, productivity and profitability, seven days a week.

We will ensure your business never misses another phone call. Even if you only need the occasional out of hours inbound call answered, Confero are available to your customers all day, every day.

Every call will be answered in your company name by professional and well trained agents and will be delivered in a timely manner according to pre-agreed protocol.

Advanced Rota System

Confero's award-winning* Advanced Rota System can give clients a tailored management system that allows them to track and manage all their callout personnel. It is web-based and benefits both Confero and our clients because it allows end users to share live access to one system with updates in real time.

The secure, password-protected system can store all pertinent information including names, contact numbers, visibility of on-call staff and management, rota assignments, first-line back up and area managers. It also allows our clients to update and view their own rotas at anytime of the day or night. Because the system updates information immediately with no time-delay, you can be sure that there will be no crossovers, double-bookings or missed opportunities.

*Confero's IT/Operations Director Daniel Sassoon received a Highly Commended award for his innovative use of the Callscripter technology, in recognition of Confero's Advanced Rota System.

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