"WeSwap currency cards work in over 180 countries, with zero cost to own a card."

Who are We Swap?

WeSwap launched in 2015, as the first person-to person currency exchange for travellers, enabling holidaymakers to swap currencies directly with each other. The company provides a travel currency card where customers can get their currency in the simplest and fairest way, saving up to 90% vs banks and bureaux.

We Swap and Confero

Confero was appointed by WeSwap to handle their inbound calls especially during peak travel periods and to provide customer service and information to their currency card customers.

The team provided assistance 7 days a week focussing around 20+ typical queries including: Balance/Transaction Enquiry; Transaction Dispute; PIN Issues; Card Lost/Stolen/Damaged; Card Not Working; Card Activations; Account Statement Requests; Update Details; Complaints; Log In/Sign up Issues; PIN Requests; Currency Information; Exchange Rate Information; Mobile App/Website issues; Refund Requests; Declined Transactions; and General Enquiry/How it works.

The Confero Solution

To handle the variety and spread of customer calls, Confero deployed a blended solution for WeSwap. This combined it’s Bureau team during typical trading periods with an enhanced Dedicated team to handle peak summer travel periods and later calls into the night from popular overseas destinations.

Training was delivered on a regular basis to maintain the knowledge surrounding new currencies, processes and client systems and call listening and calibration sessions with the client were the key to an enhanced knowledge base and compliance with FCA principles.


Confero’s flexibility in being able to react to changes in the client’s business meant that WeSwap were able to focus on their marketing and product areas, whilst Confero’s financial services teams handled their front line customer queries.

Our adeptness to work swiftly in tweaking processes and training and to flex customer service staff according to peaks and troughs in call volumes, helped WeSwap to grow quickly from startup to a well established business.