"To support their customer service function, Shopworks needed a flexible team to handle 24/7/365 calls"

Who Are Shopworks?

Shopworks specialise in Workforce Management solutions for the Hospitality, Leisure, Retail and Services sectors.

Shopworks and Confero

Prior to working with Confero, Shopworks were using a telephone answering service to handle their calls. For each interaction, it was taking 2 calls to establish the level of support required for a customer enquiry, so they approached Confero to help with their first line customer support. The number one priority was that their chosen outsourcer would be able to correctly assess customer issues and log tickets on their chosen platform, as well as be available to take calls on a 24/7/365 basis.

As the existing customer service team wanted to focus on tier 2 level resolutions, Shopworks needed the backup of an outsourcer with experience of accessing and using ticketing software to log initial customer enquiries.

The Confero Solution

After an initial consultation to understand expected volumes and the ticketing system being used, the inbound Bureau team was deemed the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

During the implementation process, Confero worked closely with Shopworks to define customer enquiry types and create guidance for the agent team on how to create, log, and access tickets.


Within a short space of time and largely due to the work put in during the implementation process, Confero agents were able to immediate identify and raise the appropriate ticket in 80-90% of calls.

In using Confero, Shopworks have improved their customer journey by ensuring first calls are being assessed correctly and immediately escalated to tier 2 support where appropriate.