"Robin Hood Energy was the first newly created energy supplier to post a profitable return within its first 3 years."

Who are Robin Hood Energy?

Robin Hood Energy was the first, not for profit, energy company, owned by a local authority. They were set up to tackle fuel poverty and to help give people a cheaper, more helpful alternative to the Big Six.

Launched by Nottingham City Council, they are leading the way in trying to reduce fuel poverty for those who need help the most.

Robin Hood Energy and Confero

Robin Hood had recently taken on the customers of Ebico, an energy provider that had moved their supply from SSE to Robin Hood Energy. They engaged Confero to carry out calling activity to those customers who had not opted in to the switch.

The Confero Solution

Confero called those customers who hadn’t responded to previous communication about the switch, in order to provide information on the benefits of doing so.

As a previous client, the project management team already had a working knowledge of the CRM system being used and were able to swiftly establish a process flow for switching customers.


Confero contacted a total of over 6,500 people, and were successful in switching over 32% of customers to Robin Hood Energy.

Alignment with the client system allowed Confero to set up paperless direct debits for customers over the phone, thus enhancing the customer experience and reducing the overall resource required.