"To support Hayter’s customer care team, they needed a partner to handle seasonal fluctuations in customer service call volumes."

Who Is Hayter?

For over the past seven decades, Hayter Limited has been a leader in lawn and landscape equipment and is known for their range of rotary lawnmowers, including the iconic Hayter Harrier® in the United Kingdom. In 2004, Hayter was acquired by The Toro Company, and today offers a wider range of lawn mowing equipment including both the Hayter and Toro brands.

Hayter and Toro lawn mowers are used by homeowners and professional contractors all over the UK and with a choice of electric lawn mowers and petrol lawn mowers in a range of sizes, there’s a Hayter or Toro lawn mower suitable for most gardens.

Hayter and Confero

Hayter approached Confero to help with their first line customer support and seasonal fluctuations in volume. The number one priority was that their chosen outsourcer would be able to ensure a consistency of approach with a detailed set of call legs and process flows.

This has enabled the existing customer care team to focus on assisting escalated customer cases and improving support to the dealer network. Hayter needed the backup of an outsourcer with experience of building and handling complex and numerous processes for their customer enquiries.

The Confero Solution

After meeting with Hayter’s management to determine how customer call volumes would fluctuate over the year, the inbound bureau team was deemed the most cost-effective solution.

Hayter delivered a full list of product and enquiry types which, coupled with a comprehensive ‘train the trainer session’, gave Confero everything they needed to build the correct process flows and brief the agent team.


Within 3 months of service launch and through a collaborative training and management approach, Confero agents were achieving first call resolution in over 70% of calls, all within the target handle times.

By using Confero, Hayter are saving valuable time and internal resources. This allows the internal customer service team to focus more on other tasks within the business, ultimately providing an improved experience for Hayter’s customers, 7 days a week.