"To support two of Artsana’s brand customer care teams, Chicco and Recaro, they needed a partner to handle their customer email inboxes."

Who Is Artsana?

Artsana are a leading Company present at global level in the parenting arena. Their broad brand portfolio covers all of the challenges parenting can bring, as well as society and the environment.

They cater for all parents, families, couples and individuals with a wide range of baby-care products, mono-brand and multi-brand baby retail.

Artsana headquarters are based in Italy but they maintain a global presence with 37 branches and over 100 partners nationally and internationally.

Artsana and Confero

Artsana approached Confero to take control of all email enquiries to the Chicco and Recaro brands. The number one priority was that their chosen outsourcer would be able handle multiple customer interactions and achieve resolution in the majority of cases, including decisions on refunds and replacement products/parts and product recalls.

This has enabled the complete outsourcing of customer cases and improving support to the dealer network. Artsana needed the backup of an outsourcer with experience of building and handling complex and numerous enquiries for their customers.

The Confero Solution

After meeting with Artsana’s management to determine how email volumes would be delivered over the year, an agreed set schedule of dedicated hours was deemed the most cost-effective solution.

Artsana delivered a full list of product and enquiry types which, coupled with a comprehensive ‘train the trainer session’, gave Confero everything they needed to build the correct process flows and brief the agent team.


Within 3 months of service launch and through a collaborative training and management approach, Confero agents were achieving resolution in over 90% of cases. Additionally, we were able to support the collection, replacement and processing of refunds for a small product recall.

By using Confero, Artsana are saving valuable time and internal resources, allowing the internal customer service team to focus more on other tasks within the business, ultimately providing an improved experience for Artsana’s Customers.